Dabke News: We Will NOT support Dabke World Championships..here is why

Hello Dabke Friends,

We have been getting a few messages through all of our social accounts about a Wold Dabke Championship occurring in Lebanon.  While we normally LOVE getting these emails and want to help to spread Dabke, we have a major problem with this specific competition.

One of the rules of the competition states “Members should be “Lebanese descendants”.”  This can be found on their rules and conditions page here: Rules and Conditions.

We believe that Dabke is an ART and a Tradition that can be enjoyed and practiced by ALL.  If we are going to keep Dabke alive we can not restrict people based on birthplace or other ridiculous attributes.

One look at all of the content and videos that we share on our Youtube page and you will realize that people from all over the world are doing Dabke.

Also team Dabketna is made up of a mix of people from all over the place including Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Canada, USA, Macedonia etc.

Therefore we are not going to support this competition in any way until the organizers change this rule and open the competition to all.  Please help us by sharing this link and emailing the organizers via their contact page here to change their rule

Thank you,

Team Dabketna



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