Top 7 Wedding Dabke Tips

Wedding season is upon us again and I attended a wedding the other day with my family.  I was looking forward to watching and potentially jumping in on some Dabke but ended up doing Dabke for only 1 minute.  I was thinking about it the day after and I thought a Wedding Dabke Guide to help people get some good Dabke going at their wedding would be good for all.

Here are the top 7 tips for good Dabke at your wedding:

1 – Get every guy you know to be part of the Zaffeh:

This is where you start the energy that eventually makes it’s way on to the Dabke floor.  If you’ve hired a Dabke team, pay the extra money and have them run the Zaffeh for you.  Make sure you ask them to give you an example from another wedding so you know what they’re going to say.

2 – Hire a Dabke team and ask for traditional routines:

Ask them to make the majority of their show traditional.  If they want to try new slick or non-Dabke moves they should keep it to a minimal.  Palestinian and/or Lebanese should be selected.  (not taking away from any other styles/countries, I love them all, it’s just these two are most popular) Click here for our Dabke Routines Play List and compare the videos to the team you want to hire.

3 – Engage the guests:

After the Dabke team performs their official show(s), they should not perform Dabke side by side or lead the line for the rest of the night.  Have them start asking people to join and mixing in with them.  This will reduce the intimidation factor and help people relax around the “professionals” on the floor.  Don’t let the hired team take over the floor.  Discuss this with them prior to the wedding.

4 – Select good Dabke Music:

Play it for at least 15-20 minutes per session.  Have a good look around our sites for great music.  Click here for our Dabke Music Play List. It takes time for people to warm up and build up the courage to join in.  Also, discuss with the DJ or your singer to ad-lib.  If the Dabke line is huge and it’s healthy, keep playing Dabke music.  Why stop a good thing 🙂  The DJ needs to be aware of this.

5 – LEARN some Dabke steps BEFORE the wedding:

The bride and groom along with their friends and family should all try to learn some Dabke.  We have some videos coming soon that will help.  This is a MUST!!!

Don’t wait, join our mailing list here so that you can be one of the first people to get information on learning from us!

6 – Don’t be intimidated:

Get out there and have fun!  It’s worse to have an empty dance floor than it is to have one filled with people having fun no matter how bad they are at dancing or Dabke.

7 – Don’t invite this guy to your wedding:

I’m not sure, maybe he’s good to invite but definitely keep him away from the Dabke team during their performance.  This guy cracks me up!

Your Dabke Student,

Youssef aka “Showtime”



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