The Art of Dabke: Music, Style, and Form …at WEDDINGS – Your Instructor (#3)

We have noticed how every Middle Eastern nation is publicly proud of their Dabke. Each claims that they are the best at it and they invented it. Here is the truth and reality. Dabke/Dabka/Dabkeh are ways of referring to the actual dance used by different dialects whether you are from Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, etc..It literally means “stomping”. This kind of dance started back in the early 1900 before the Middle East was divided by the British and French colonies. It was all one peaceful land that shared this traditional Dabke art whether in weddings , graduations, birthdays, or any joyful event or celebration. I don’t want to get into history and politics with you here, my whole point is to make it clearly to you that Dabke is a shared tradition owned by nobody and was originated in the Middle East for everyone to celebrate.

Dabke Music at Weddings

  • Now, lets move a bit away from history and look at Dabke Music. I already discussed how to select music to train on Dabke in my blog post #2 here. Now I would like to talk about the Dabke Music you hear at weddings. I’ll let you in on a little secret; we are about to release a Dabke product that is beyond amazing.  From moves, to Music and everything in between.  Remember to join our mailing list here so you don’t miss out on release dates and special bonuses for our subscribers.  Here is a little tip for you about the Dabke Music that you will find in our secret product. When you are at a wedding and everyone is doing Dabke and you hear the below song, join in with the rest and stay within 2 or 3 spots away from the leader. Now, everyone at the dance floor will be doing Shamali (THIS IS GUARANTEED), which is the very basics of Dabke known almost to all Middle Easterns. Once you get into rhythm with the Shamali or Dal’ona (which is the walking version of Shamali) YOU JUMP TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE AND LEAD, LEAD, LEAD WITH ONLY TWO SIMPLE MOVESWA7DA W NOS & SHAYEL.  Dont know what these moves are?  Need someone to show you how to do them?  Sit tight, our product is coming soon and we will hold your hand the entire way!

Dabke Form

  • We have to also consider a couple of things here when we are doing Dabke; whether it’s at weddings, events, or simply training in your living room or studio. Your form is very essential because your body will adapt to it and turns it into a habit.  So for instance your upper body has to be very relaxed as opposed to being stiff and your shoulders must be very loose and constantly moving. I mentioned earlier in this blog that you dance WITH your body (that includes your shoulders) and on your feet. You can find more about Dabke form soon in a very special secret product we are supper excited to release to the public.  We are just putting final touches on it and cant wait to show you!

Dabke Style

  • The style of Dabke is very important in giving it a flavor. What I’m trying to say here is that some Dabke styles can be very entertaining and others can be boring. We want to stay away from the boring ones and focus on the most amazing styles. When I talk about style I refer to the way we hold our hands or arms, the directions of our moves, and the speed of the Dabke. There are so many ways of connecting our hands and arms and most of them are very common across Dabke nations (Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Jordan). Again, I’ll refer to our secret Dabke product coming out soon which illustrates a variety of the methods in connecting hands and arms when doing Dabke. There is so much to learn about it and one blog cannot cover it. Directions of the moves you are making add flavor and entertainment to Dabke. Moving backwards for example when doing Shamali or wa7da w nos will give your Dabke a spark and makes it look unique. And also trying to speed it up or slow it down according to the music and rhythm makes a big difference in the way others perceive Dabke. So if you find yourself at a wedding and you see everyone doing the same repetitive thing, try to change it and use every little knowledge you know about Dabke styles and forms. You will find loads of information in our Dabke product.  Like I said, everything from Music, to Form, Moves, Illistrations, different speeds and lessons in history.  Cant wait to release it!   Remember to join our mailing list here to avoid missing out on the release dates and promotional bonuses that will be included.

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