Our Second Dabke Show!

We’ve been training for a few months on a couple of Dabke routines.  More recently we had to really focus on perfecting the routines and as a result we’ve been delayed with posts.  There is still lots of information and videos we cant wait to share.

On Sunday March 10th, we performed two amazing Dabke routines at the McMaster Annual Multicultural Event called Pangaea.  There were many countries and nationalities being represented there and it was amazing to see all the different types of dances.  You really begin to appreciate how popular Dabke is when you see it part of so many other cultures as well.  Armenian Dabke, Assyrian Dabke and so many others were great!  Something that connects different types of people.


Flyer for the show

Now that we have our first big show under our belt, what next?  That’s something that our teacher Samir will have to answer, however, I can tell you about some of the things I’ve learned as a result of the training and the execution of the show:

Some things cant be taught:

 – What happens if you mess up the lineup of the team?  How do you keep your cool, and resolve the issue without anyone noticing?

 – What happens if an individual messes up his or her moves?  What do they do to avoid disaster?

 – What does it look like when you perform Dabke at high energy with people clapping and cheering?  How tired do you actually get when you have all that adrenaline pumping through you

– What does your face look like?  Are you smiling? or do you look like you’ve been shot because you’re so focused on moves you forget the crowed?

– How uniform is the team?  Sure, we can all do great Dabke and everyone knows how to do the Shamali move.  However does everyone do it the exact same way?

An audience of 400-500 people will bring this out in a Dabke team.  These are some of the most valuable lessons and can only be learned via experience.  We are so much better just from having performed.

There is one thing I said to one of the guys who seemed to be nervous before we went on.  I don’t know the source but I think it might just be from a move trailer lol.  It goes something like “Danger is real, fear is an option”. If you’re nervous or scared of performing in front of people this can be helpful to remember.  What are you scared of?  Is it dangerous? What’s the worst the can really happen?  What’s the best that can happen?


Some things to remember while doing Dabke training:

– A Dabke team is like dominoes, what you do impacts everyone around you.  If you’re holding shoulders wrong, if you’re messing up the moves or putting in a crappy effort it impacts everyone behind you and potentially in front of you.

– Stay positive!  There were a few weeks where I just wasn’t getting it.  I couldn’t remember the moves to save my life.  I went back and actually read some of my advise from this blog and followed it.  I was able to eventually get it.

– HAVE FUN!  I cant say this one enough.  Remember to have fun.  Do you know anyone that dances when they’re sad?  What do people do when they win a million dollars?  They jump and dance!  Consider yourself a millionaire lol


Without any further delay, here are shows one and two…enjoy!

Our First Show

The amazing Eyad and Amer doing their thang

Dabke Routine #1

Dabke Routine #2


Our Second Show


I hope you enjoyed watching our Dabke.  There is lots more where that came from!

I’ve been working on putting together lots of videos and content for you in the upcoming months and I cant wait to share it all!

Peace out!

Youssef – Dabke Student



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