Nobody Knew How To Do Dabke At My Wedding

You have an opportunity to avoid this mistake at your next wedding or party.

I’m going to a Palestinian / Lebanese / Egyptian wedding this week.

I couldn’t help but remember my own wedding years ago before I learned how to Dabke after working with Samir and joining a professional Dabke team. 

I didnt know how to do any Dabke. None of my family members knew how to Dabke and most of my wedding guests didn’t know how to Dabke.

The only time I dedicated to it was 15 minutes during the wedding rehearsal.  One of my brothers knew how to do the 1-2 step basic Dalona and taught us.

You can actually see a few minutes from the rehearsal here.  This was filmed 8 years ago.

I’ll try to get a clip from my actual wedding soon.  My Dabke was so embarrassing!

So what’s the mistake?  Not paying enough attention to Dabke!

Think about it.

The MAJORITY of your wedding is dancing!

The entrance takes anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes.  Then a couple of slow songs followed by food/speeches  and the rest of the night is spent on the dance floor.

Yet we spend hours of planning on everything else from flowers, to food etc.

Why wouldn’t you want everyone on the dance floor to do amazing Dabke?!  Imagine the memories and the video that it will produce for you.

It would have been so easy for me to learn and make sure all of my friends and family learned with something like Dabke101 back then.

So now, a few days before this wedding, some friends and family that are also attending are asking me if I have time to teach them Dabke.

Some are even telling me to reach out to the Egyptian groom to teach him.  It’s the same mistake I made at my wedding.

If I manage to get on the dance floor, this will be my first time doing Dabke in public since my father passed away over a year ago.  He loved seeing my moves.

This is our culture.  This is our Dabke.  Let’s give it the time it deserves.  Don’t wait until the last minute to learn.

Make it part of your wedding plan!

Until next week

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