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Dalonpopup2a Jumps:

This one is super popular and people love it.  It’s also part of our Dabke101 online learning program. Coach Samir teaches you how to do a fun move called the Dalona Jumps.

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JoslinYoussPic  The Dabke Stick Program


Dabketna’s own Youssef connects with former UFC Fighter Jeff Joslin to create a full program to teach you how to   use the Dabke Stick.  You will be BLOWN away.  There is nothing like this online and it’s all for free, for you, our subscribers.  Jeff is a world champion with the Bo-Stick.

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Do you want to learn more Dabke?  Checkout Dabke101, the ULTIMATE Dabke program for learning.


  • 10 Dabke Moves to learn

  • 3 Full Routines

  • Over 80 Minutes of Detailed Instructional Video for every step.

  • Watch the moves being done in Different Angles, Zooms and Speeds

  • Much more…

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