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Samir-BW-DabkeTo all people who want to learn Dabke, Have you ever wondered what may be holding you back from learning and being great at Dabke?  From being confident and joining in the fun at weddings and parties?  Are you ready to let loose and really enjoy yourself? Are you ready to learn Dabke that connects you with your culture, your friends and your family?  Are you ready to learn Dabke that will get you attention from a potential husband or wife? Maybe the attention of a group of guys or girls? If so, then you have come to the right place… My name is Samir Hasan, and with the help of my student Youssef,  I am here to help you!  Here is the thing…Training dozens of people to do Dabke and personally performing in hundreds of shows has given me a rare insight into how to perform and teach Dabke moves from many countries including Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and the Gulf.  I’m about to share with you some common errors along with my collection of Dabke moves I’ve called “Dabke101” which I think are necessary for people to know if you are attending any Arab Wedding or Party.  LET ME TEACH YOU HOW TO DABKE!  On this very page you are reading at this very moment, I’m going to reveal to you the most efficient teaching methods for quickly learning Dabke while training in your own home at your own pace! WARNING: There are no pills or potions and this will take some hard work, so if you’re looking for a magic-fix then you’ve landed on the wrong site.  But if you are looking to have great fun, learn all sorts of Dabke steps, moves and routines from someone who has spent 15+ years in the industry then you’ve come to the right place. 

The Problem: Limited Time + Lack of Teachers

Let’s face it, like most other people you’ve looked around on the Internet, you’ve looked for clubs to join, you’ve looked for books and you might have even tried to YouTube it…There is nothing worth while out there.  If you’re lucky enough to find a teacher you have to make time to travel to their studio or pay lots of money for each session.  If you tried to form a group you deal with people not taking it seriously and missing classes.  If you’re really lucky and you find a group, they’re usually too advanced and you stand there with a puzzled look on your face trying to keep up!  Waste of time and STRESS! Let me ask you this… If you did find some videos on the Internet, who would you rather learn from?  An average guy who knows a few moves or a teacher who has done Dabke in front of International leaders and has taught countless numbers of people?! If you said “the teacher”, you’ve nailed it! Let’s say you got really lucky and you found a skilled Dabke dancer by chance.  If they don’t know how to teach you properly then you’ll both just waste your own time.  They also wont have any type of planned step by step structure that slowly teaches you and improves your Dabke skills even if you’ve never danced Dabke before…ever!

The Truth: There is Nowhere to Learn Dabke

The truth is that most of the great routines you find online and see at weddings take time and are taught personally from one person to another.  People don’t have tie time to learn or even teach these days especially if you’ve got a job, school or family to manage like the rest of us. Reality is your only chance to learn Dabke is a few hours every once in a while when you go to a wedding.  Here is what normally happens at weddings:  You get intimidated and go to the end of the line where people are doing the same old two step move.  You stay there and watch in awe as the guys at the front of the line jump around in laughter and fun.  You wish you were able to join in.  You should be at the front of the line! Imagine how proud your family and friends would be of you!  Imagine all the attention you will get from your friends and even the opposite sex Imagine the confidence! Imagine the fun…imagine!  Join me and turn your dream, your imagination into reality.


The Solution: Learning Directly From a Teacher on Your Own Time

Let me ask you another couple of questions…

  • Are you the go-to coach for Dabke in your City?
  • Have you trained dozens of dancers for shows all the way to dancing for the President of France?
  • Have you spent all of your spare time over the last 10+ years researching, attending workshops, dancing in shows and teaching people Dabke?

I have

And when you put that kind of dedication – that kind of passion – into developing and testing your moves, routines and teaching methods, you truly gain an incredible understanding of what is needed for people to learn Dabke and maybe more importantly, what must be left out, saving your time, energy and money.

Dabke Post Card

Samir’s Dabke teaching techniques have been tested, tweaked and proven at countless weddings, festivals and 100’s of shows (still counting) from over 8 countries around the world.

Here is a sample of three popular mistakes people make when doing Dabke.  (These and many more are covered in Detail in my program)

Mistake #1 – Doing the wrong type of Dabke

  • It’s a Lebanese wedding and people are doing Palestinian moves because they don’t know the difference
  • Everyone is doing one version of a move, and you’re doing something totally different.

When you realize it’s usually too late because you’re on camera and everything is recorded.  Ouch! Mistake #2 – Timing is everything. Timing is everything in Dabke.  If you don’t know how to time your steps properly you will stick out, period!  That and you will be sent to the back of the line with the little kids and 90 year-old’s. Mistake #3 – Posture and body positioning The beauty of Dabke is uniformity.  Can you  lead a line? Do you know how to hold your shoulders up? People make all sorts of mistakes because they simply dont know the moves. Let’s keep our Dabke beautiful like our people!

That’s why our Dabke 101 training program is so amazing.  It allows you to learn how to position your body from head to toe AND teaches you new steps all at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home, resulting in consistent and quick Dabke learning. 


Comments from Samir’s students

“Samir is a phenomenal Dabke instructor”

“Samir is a phenomenal Dabke instructor.  His strategic way of teaching and his talented abilities are what put him above every other instructor.  With his assistance I am now confident in performing Dabke and being proud of representing my culture in such a talented and beautiful way.  I highly recommend him!  If you truely want to learn the REAL art of middle eastern Dabke, then look nowhere else.  You have come to the right person and I promise you will not be disappointed” Mona

“…Samir is the instructor you need.”

“Samir Hasan, one of the few and rare men who still keeps the true Palestinian heritage and culture running through his teachings to pure traditional Dabke dance that has become extinct in today’s life. Samir is very motivational and patient when practicing difficult moves and does not move forward until every member perfects the move. If you feel like learning the true Dabke dance, then Samir is the instructor you need. You will definitely sweat and get soar, are you ready?” Amer Khanfar

” …I consider myself to be intermediate and I’m confident enough to lead the ladies at weddings now.”

“Before Samir taught me Dabke, I didn’t know anything.  I searched everywhere for some material on how to learn Dabke until I was lucky enough to find him.  After only several lessons I consider myself to be intermediate and I’m confident enough to lead the ladies at weddings now.  Samir is a professional and experienced instructor who will provide you with the best of the best teaching methods.” Ruaa H

” I really enjoy Dabkah now…”

“When I first heard about learning Dabkah, I didn’t take it too serious, at the same time I really wanted to join, because it’s a traditional dance that I should know by now.  When I first started, I didn’t know anything about it, until I met Samir Hasan, our coach, and a group of amazing people that made me commit to Dabkah. We started practicing twice a week, putting good effort, and yes we improved a lot, we still need more practices but skills have improved a lot since we started. I really enjoy Dabkah now, and all this because we have a great passionate instructor who wants to give out everything he has and everything he knows, as a member of this great Dabkah team I highly recommend Samir Hasan to anyone that would like to know/learn Dabkah. Such a great person to meet and learn from.” Malek Kafaween

“…anyone with no background about Dabke can learn from you”

“I only went for a couple of times and yet I learned the basics so I’d say you are an amazing instructor. What helped me the most to learn quickly was practicing 1 on 1 with you.  I think anyone with no background about Dabke can learn from you. Greatest instructor I’ve ever known!” Anas Hasan

“…a professional Dabke teacher who knows how to take his students from a beginner level to professional level.”

“My experience with Samir’s Dabke classes was great. He is a professional Dabke teacher who knows how to take his students from a beginner level to professional level. His Dabke style is both traditional and authentic, and he knows the difference between all other Dabke styles… Syrian, Lebanese..etc. I highly recommend him as a Dabke instructor.” Mohammad Abu-Jarad

Still not convinced Samir will teach you amazing Dabke?  Perhaps you’d like to have a quick read through his bio:
  • More than 100 Dabke performances and shows locally and internationally
  • Several multicultural and folklore festivals in many countries including Canada, France, Britain, Norway, Palestine and Jordan
  • Performed in front of thousands of attendees
  • Repeatedly represented Palestine on the international stage
  • Performed for French President Jacques Chirac in Paris, France
  • Performed for the President of the Palestinian Authorities, Yasir Arafat, minister of foreign affairs and minister of youth at the International day for women
  • Performed at the year 2000 celebration at the Nativity Church in Bethlehem, Palestine
  • Assisted and lead Dabke choreography for performances since 1999
  • Coached and trained Dabke students since 2001
  • Founder, president, and trainer of Al-Awda Dabke group established in July 2012

Several awards obtained from many countries and organizations including:

  • Best Performance, Dedication and Contribution Awards – Britain
  • Best Performance, Dedication and Contribution Awards – Norway
  • Multicultural Society Awards – Palestine
  • International Folklore Award for Outstanding Performance – France
Dabke Performance

Samir leading Al-Awda Dabke team

Instead of wasting your time trying to pause YouTube videos 1000’s of times in the hopes that you might learn a move or two only to find out you learned the wrong stuff, you will be doing Dabke within minutes of starting this program.  The Dabke 101 program outlines everything you need to learn in a very easy to follow format.  We teach you exactly what to do and how to do it holding your hands the entire way!  You will learn Dabke quickly and NEVER have to worry about a wedding or party again.  Everything has been included to ensure your success:

Here is a Summary of Everything you’re getting:

Dabke 101 – Streaming Video Dabke Library:  10 New moves to learn and 3 full routines with Over 80 minutes of high quality, detailed instructional videos for EVERY STEP.  That’s right, I show you exactly how to perform each and every step in the program and give you the coaching points I use with my own team.  You will have a chance to see the moves in different angles, zooms and speeds.  Here is a short preview.
Dabke 101 – Music Channel:  My students always come to me with songs they think will be good for Dabke.  They are surprised to find out some of the songs are terrible for Dabke performance.  We’ve decided to include our Dabke Music Channel for you to play some of our favorite tunes.  The library is always growing. Dabke Music Channel
Dabke 101 – Video Channel:  A collection of new and old routines we find all the time and post to Youtube.  Some of these are quite inspirational.  Similar to the Music channel, our video routine channel is always growing. Dabke Video Channel
Dabke 101 – Quick Start Checklist:  You’re getting a lot of info and videos with this program.  I’ve put this  PDF checklist together to make sure you know exactly how to get started on the path to being great at Dabke. Dabke Quickstart Checklist
To train with me for an hour personal training session costs over $100. To teach you everything that is included with the Dabke 101 learning program would take anywhere from 16 to 20 sessions, which would cost you close to $2,000.  And that’s if you’re a fast learner. With this package you are getting over 80 minutes worth of videos for 10 moves, 3 routines, step by step instructions, music, other team routines,  etc.  You will quickly gain knowledge and skills for Dabke you’ve never had before.  All for only…

$139    $37


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Please note: This is a streamable multimedia program.  You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail.  The entire package will be immediately available for you to access after ordering.  This program is NOT available in stores – you can only access it through this website. Plus, you are 100% backed by my… triple-threat-guarantee Guarantee #1 – Immediately after ordering the product and reading through the material and watching the introductory video in the VIP Welcome area, you will feel 100% confident in starting my Dabke 101 program. Guarantee #2 – After just 2-3 weeks of following my lessons and videos, you will notice a major improvement in your Dabke skills.  You will be ready for some Dabke at the next wedding you attend. Guarantee #3 – Within 60 days, a friend or family member will ask you for your “secret” after they see you do the Dabke.  I will leave it up to you if you want to tell them 🙂
Get Started RISK FREE Today!

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If none of this happens I insist you ask for a refund by sending my team an email here. You will get every penny back on the spot, no questions asked and no hassles. This way there is no risk. You have 60 days to take my Dabke 101 program for a test drive

“Watch Youssef’s before and after video!”

“Hi, I’m Samir’s Dabketna partner and student. As his student giving you guys a review I’m going to keep it nice and simple by showing you a before and after video of myself.  I found an old video of me trying to learn Dabke from my brother two days before my wedding many years ago.  I SUCKED!  I wish DABKE101 was out there at that time because I could have done some great Dabke for my wedding. What makes Dabke101 very special is the fact that we have a world class coach and a student on the team. In essence, I’m representing you, the students!  My point of view is YOUR point of view when we’re creating videos and products. Now our goal is to teach as many people as possible so that they can have even more fun at their wedding and any event where Dabke is being performed.  Without any delay, here is my embarrassing before and AMAZING after video once Coach Samir taught me ” Youssef

Have a question? It’s probably already answered below:

Q: How can I only train 2 days per week and still get results?

The Ultimate Dabke Learning Program is designed so that you only have to dedicate 2 sessions per week to your Dabke training.

The secret is in the setup. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, has been perfected to work together to teach you how to do each move properly and professionally. Every single step, every single routine, every single jump you do on this program is for a very specific reason that contributes to the overall continual and rapid results you get from the program. Simply put, when you learn how to unlock the right methods in the right combination in the right sequence, the results  are AMAZING. And that’s exactly what the Ultimate Dabke Learning program does.

Q: What kind of equipment do I need to follow this program?

All you need to to be one of the best Dabke dancers among your friends is a computer or smart device along with some open space in your living room.

Q: Will this program get me active?

YES!  It’s a great way to your body moving, listen to some great music and have fun.  What better way to be active!

Q: Can I follow the program more than once?


Because the program is based on learning every single detail related to Dabke, the more times you repeat the better you get.

Q: I want to start learning Dabke right now; will I have to wait for you to ship me all this information before I can get started?

No! The entire program will become immediately available to you via download after your purchase – no shipping fees, no waiting for results – you can start right away!

Q: I’m not in my 20′s or 30′s, will this program still work for someone considerably older?

Of course it does!  This is something the entire family can partake in.  Young and old.

Q: Is this program suited for a complete beginner?

If you’re a beginner, then this is the best way to get on your way to learning amazing Dabke moves.

You’ll actually make even faster gains than more experienced guys because you won’t have any bad habits to break and you’ll be doing everything properly right from the beginning.

Q: What if it doesn’t work for me?

Then it’s all FREE.

Simply put, if you follow the Ultimate Dabke Learning program exactly as outlined in the materials, and do NOT learn how to do great moves with confidence at any party or wedding, I’ll refund your money. It’s that simple.

We stand behind our program as the best Dabke Instructional program ever created, and if doesn’t yield those results for you when followed, you get your money back. No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt, courteous refund. As you can see, the burden to deliver is 100% on me—the only thing you need to do is let me prove it to you!