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Since I started learning Dabke late last year, there is one thing I’ve been a little frustrated with; the lack of Dabke videos and content online.  It takes so long to find good content.  In addition to the special Dabke videos and Dabke music we’re putting together for you right now, we’ve been collecting videos wherever we find them to make it easy for people to just go to one place.  One thing you’ll notice when you’re looking up Dabke on YouTube is that you’ll just keep seeing the same old videos over and over.  New content and hard to find content is just that….hard to find!

Welcome to the Dabketna YouTube Channel!  Your #1 Source for Dabke videos and Dabke Music. Subscribe to our channel below so you’re always up to date on the latest Dabke videos we add including:

Funny Dabke Videos

Dabke Routines

New Dabke Music

Old Dabke Music

El-Awda Team Dabke Videos

Classical Dabke

International Dabke (Our Dabke videos include ALL Countries!)

Training and how to Dabke

….and the list goes one.

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Here are a couple of Dabke videos and songs we’ve added recently:


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