About Us

About Us

Dabketna.com was mainly established to provide information and tutorials about the art of Dabke. It aims at educating and teaching Dabke in all its forms from all cultures.

This site is the only place where you can find everything you need about Dabke. It represents anyone who is interested in this type of folklore dance. Our principal purpose is to display what the Middle Eastern culture has to give to the world and teach it to everyone.

Feel free to look around, enjoy the site.  Remember to visit our store here to start learning Dabke now or click here for our Free Dabke Lessons page !

Lastly, if you want to know more about us enjoy some of the articles we’ve posted about our experiences with the wonderful art of Dabke!


Samir & Youssef

Left: Youssef Right: Samir

Youssef & Samir

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